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Friday, 27 June 2014

Blog No. One – Ecuador Travelling Through Time (Zones)

Some say a typical Belfast Summer day for us to start the long journey

Well folks, after one-hour flight from Belfast to Heathrow, nine hours Heathrow to Miami and five hours Miami to Quito we have, eventually, arrived safely at our hostel for the next two nights.  The guys have done a great job getting through all the immigration bureaucracy and without losing anyone.  They are really looking forward to their first full day in Quito tomorrow (actually today as it’s 8.00 in the morning UK time) but bed is now calling. 

We will be updating as and when we can, hopefully on a daily basis, apart from when we are on trek, so tune in regularly to see how we are all getting on.

Flying out of Miami

FYI, I will be the Editor (Ed.) for the blog and you will probably see some input from me at some point, especially when a little humour is required.  I will also take photographs during the day to give you some visual stimulus to what the guys are writing about.  It’s not always possible to show photos of everyone on a daily basis...please bear with me on this.

Here’s to a fantastic 3 weeks ahead.

Cliff (AKA Ed.) Expedition Leader

Looking back on the fantastic City of Miami on our way to Quito in Ecuador

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