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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Blog No. 3 – A Proper Decent Day!

Cotopaxi taken not far from our camp
Travelling on the local bus...Good selfie from the staff
After waking to another proper decent breakfast at Hotel Andino, we prepared for travelling to our acclimatisation phase in El Chaupi. Following a fascinating bus journey where we saw some absolutely decent sights of the Quito, ranging from the favela-like shanty towns lining the hills and the pure decent mountains.
Shopping Ecuador style

The streets of Machachi
Upon reaching El Chaupi we set up camp and ate proper decent grub made by chefs Cameron, Jake and Andrew, after which a wee unit headed into Machachi to get some of the local foods and utensils.
Once we had returned from Machachi with all our materials, we went on a decent minor trek that was pretty decent. So decent! When we first arrived at camp today the sky was filled with clouds hiding the unbelievable beauty of the snow-capped mountains of Cotopaxi and Chimborazo surrounding us – truly decent vistas from the campsite.

Preparing Camp

Our home for the next two nights

The work never stops...Budget people get down to it

 (Ed. Some of the boys are currently playing cards while others are cooking dinner over an open fire.  We are at an altitude of 3,250m at the moment here in the camp and everyone seems fine, if not a little giddy. The plan tomorrow is to go to 3,750m  but back down to sleep. Hope you’re enjoying sharing the boys’ experiences.

The boys coming to the end of our short acclimatisation trek

Ally Hill   

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