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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Blog No. 4 - A ‘Parful’ (Ed. For those non Northern Irish amongst you ‘Powerful’) Day

Buenas dias, after a slightly earlier start to the day, everyone was up organising breakfast from 7:00. This early start allowed everyone to get a decent breakfast of porridge and fried egg, which was sufficient energy to start our hardest trek so far. After a minor mishap with some thieving rodents, a lesson was learnt within the group in terms of the breakfast menu. This was a learning curve; we began to grow and thrive as a group.  Food is essential for high team morale.

Today’s acclimatisation trek began in the sun and continued throughout. This trek proved to be challenging and everyone began to adjust to the climate and the challenging terrain. We progressed from base to the summit of Mount Pukara- 3750meters.

After arriving back from the trek a set team of six went into Muchachi to buy the remaining food for our five-day trek; this was an interesting experience as we had to buy food from the Spanish speaking locals in the market.

The day ended with a great meal of Bombay spuds, pasta and chorizo cooked by Cameron, Jake and Paddy. Everybody was in high spirits after a hearty feed, and we hit the hay early before the start of gargantuan main trek tomorrow morning.

 James Poland

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