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Friday, 26 August 2011

Experiences of a first timer :-)

Thursday 18th Aug

What a fantastic day out…my first outdoor climbing experience on real rock!!!

The weather surprisingly, was perfect for a day of outdoor climbing at Wainstones with Cliff and Jane

So having done only indoor top roping climbing for a few months I had a lot to learn about the transition to outdoors. The pace of learning was just right, learning all about rope and knot skills (I even came away with some stories about snakes, rabbits and mickey mouse as memory aids for tying in J ) , bottom roping, how to be a second, guide book interpretation, use of all of the different nuts, cams and hexes, climbing calls (strangely this was the part I had most difficulty with), etc

The time flew by on the day as it does when your having fun. Climbed some really nice routes, building up to the challenge of the day …the sphinx nose traverse…loved it!! I have definitely got the outdoor climbing bug now and cant wait to get out again

Thanks you Cliff and Jane for your invaluable instruction and guidance throughout the day

(Ed. Its was our pleasure :-) )

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