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Monday, 6 June 2011

Rock Monkey's hit Great Wanney Crag - Northumberland

On Sunday 29th May a group of rock monkeys from Sunderland Wall went out climbing to Great Wanney, a crag near Hexham. Cliff (from Roxcool), Tom and Richy (two instructors from Sunderland Wall) took us climbing. It was raining in the morning and very windy but the rain soon stopped. It stayed very windy throughout the whole day though but at least it dried off the crag.

When we arrived we walked through the forest and towards the crag. It took about 20 minutes and we had to scramble up to the bottom of the crag. Tom and Richy set up the ropes while Cliff took us through all the rocks and plants next to the crag on what can only be described as 'an adventure'. There were quite a few holes – I think everyone fell in at least one!
We then went up to the crag to start climbing the routes. The first two routes that were climbed were “Great Chimney” VD and “Boundary Corner” VD. Later Bethany, Danielle and I attempted “Great Wall (Direct Finish)” E5 6A. “Great Wall has the same start but goes around the corner which is HVS 5B but we tried the direct finish.

 It was very hard but all got very close to the top.

As well as the girls I've mentioned we also had the two Joshua's and Alex keeping us company.

Everyone climbed “Main Wall” MS, “Squeezy Bill” D and “Jacob’s Ladder” VD.  Everybody climbed very well. At the end of the day we did a little bit of bouldering and then drove back to Sunderland Wall.

It was a great day out climbing and everyone enjoyed themselves. I can’t wait for the next day in June. Thank you to the Roxcool team.

Carmel Moran.....Roxcool Sponsored Athlete!!!! 

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