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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Trek Preparation and City snooping

(Ed. (Cliff) Hi Parents...Just so you know we will be out of communications for a few days as we are litteraly about to set off on our trek...I’m sure you all are looking forward to reading about your son or daughters the meantime enjoy Shay’s rather quirky description of our day yesterday in and around the city of Vientiane.)

Oh gosh today has been a little relaxing but chaotic at the same time!

Grumpy nottle and even grumpyer posner when being woken up for breaky at 6:30 after being told breaky isnt untill 9 am, then again at 7 when still breaky wasnt untill 9. The whole team met down in the loby at 9 for our first breakfast in loa. Waiting to gather the team and then being told we cant have breakfast until 9:30. Deciding to use this time wisely and having a team meeting about all the jobs that had to be completed today, down by the beautiful full flowing(NOT) Mekong river.

After our team meeting back to the hostel we went. there was some supprised looks on most of our faces when rice and chicken veggie soup was served as an entree for breakfast then egg and toast (just a bit of Aussie food).

Sitting at the tables out side the hostel deciding whos doing what job and where they are going to complete the jobs. After about 30 minuets of discussing and deciding everyone set of on their own little journeys to complete their set tasks in the city.

Walking up and down the one street lookiing for Green Discovery (travel agents) for 10-20 minutes then realizing its straight down our street we are staying on. Asking a few locals for directions as we stumbled down a dodgy alley expecting to get nowhere then finding a cute little office with men sitting at computers. Not even asking for the person we needed and being told to "sit sit sit". A man realized we were from World Challenge and took us out side for a brief down on our trek. Going through a checklist and realizing we don’t have any tents for our trek. Leaving the travel agents and back to our leader Cliff to try and sort out this mess. Cliff was on the phone to many people for quite a while and still getting nowhere. After being told our tents should be at Green Discovery going back and actually being given 8 tents for 22 people. We were not a very happy team with the low amount of tents and the appearance and conditions they came in. We had the opinion that our tents had world challenge logos and were brand new, but we were wrong! Cliff made the decision that if we didn’t get better tents that we would be cancelling the trek all together. BUT luckily another world challenge come to our rescue! They had just gotten back with their wet tents from their trek, and were very kind to hand them over to us to use. At the end of all this messing about with the tents we realized the 8 tents we were given actually were world challenge tents, but we deiced to use the other teams tents and only 4 of the ones we were given and we needed more to accommodate for the whole team.

n the middle of all that craziness Narrikorn joins in with the hostel workers Christmas party dance practice, he did a great job and we did a great job at laughing! Now we had some free time, some of us went to the mall and did a bit of shopping and others went and got great foot and body massages!

Over by the river is a long bike path this is where we set the tents up to make sure all the pieces were there, then we folder the wet tents back up and put them in a tent back.

While we've been away we've had a few rules. Two of our main rules were 'no matter where we went always a group of 4 or more', another 'ALWAYS be carrying your passport in your money belt and on your body!' Even though we were told constantly people still left in groups of 3, and when we went to cheak the tents 3 of us silly billys decided to leave them in the hostel in our rooms. Posner and Nottle were not very impressed with this has we dont have hearing problems and we should of followed the rules they are for our own goood and g because they wont to be able to be home for christmas.

Back to the hostel to get our passports then off to a great dinner that the food and budget people hooked up for us early today. The food was great im beating we are going back there after our trek!

As we finished dinner we headed back to the hostel then had some more free time (IN GROUPS OF FOUR!) Most people went to the night markets and a group of four plus the teachers went and started the food shopping for the trek the next day, so many hard decisions

in shopping for 22 teams members plus 5 guides!

Coming back for 9:30 and packing and getting our bags packed for our exiting trek in the morning. Hopefully everyone has a great night sleep has we are up at 6am in the morning :(

Shay Berecz & Mikaela Mole

(Ed. Chat to you all in a few days :-) )

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