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Monday, 26 November 2012

And So It Begins – A reflection from Kuala Lumpur

A little note to parents from Kinross College Perth Australia – all the guys and gals arrived safely in KL ready for their Adventure of a Lifetime...Their blogs will start after mine below :-)...They are all doing fine and adjusting well to life on the trail...literally :-).

'Are you looking forward to your next trip?’ I was asked by numerous people.

To be honest my weeks (months even) leading into this expedition have been frantic...One SPA training, one CWA training, One CWA assessment, a WGL Training and a ML Training as well as other bits n pieces in little over three time to think about the question posed above was limited.

Now I find myself in down town KL thinking, do I really want to be here?

This question always comes up as these trips draw closer...Why, would I willingly drag myself away from my gorgeous Granddaughter, my family and my friends and from possible winter climbing adventures in Scotland and the Lake District, all to be placed in a developing country and made responsible for 19 youngsters and two female staff members?

My friends (some) I’m sure are jealous of what they perceive my life to be, visiting all these fantastic countries. However, unless you lead these sorts of trips yourself it’s difficult to comprehend all the possible trials and tribulations you could and most likely will encounter along the way.

Am I being selfish?

The answer to the questions above is a BIG YES! Of course I’m being selfish. I’m expecting things to carry on at home without me in their normal way. My very understanding wife (even though she puts on a brave face) understands my need to have little (and big) adventures in my life...Adventure is VERY important to me and it has been like an artery running throughout the whole of my life...Necessary but bringing joy and excitement!

The opportunity to see things most people will not. To visit places you see only usually see in magazines. To explore new countries and to meet and bond with people from countries you only see in National Geographic is a strong pull. However, for me it’s the relationship I develop with my groups, being able to share my knowledge and to teach them life skills which actually last a lifetime has the biggest draw. This can be (VERY) hard work but the rewards can be phenomenal too.

In some respects dealing with the groups can be an adventure in its own just never know whether it is going to be successful or not, whether you are going to reach the summit or not. I’m guessing the uncertainty is part of the draw.

So, yes I want to be here!! Yes I’m going to miss those people and things mentioned above but soon my life will resume its varied and rewarding pathway to happiness...and my latest adventure will just be memories.

Thanks for watching and sorry this is a bit serious...just needed to get this out of my head :-)

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