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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Settling in to Tokyo & Travelling to Hiroshima

Words by Mr N Carson
Photos by Cliff

We are gradually adjusting to the rigours of what was a long and tiring trip. Our first day in Tokyo was spent negotiating the metro system in pursuit of some of the many sights on the regularly trodden tourist trail.

The main train hub, Tokyo Station, is a sight to behold; a beautifully designed and constructed red brick building hiding serenely amongst the towering skyscrapers.  This was in close proximity to the Imperial Palace, which could only be viewed from outside its protective walls and vast moat - it is only open on special occasions during the year.  

A visit to the NAME Temple, lead us through the market stalls of the Asakusa district - a place we will visit again, no doubt, before heading home.  It was a majestic sight and its splendour did not disappoint.  This historical site was in stark contrast to the ultra-modern Skytree which stretched high into the Tokyo clouds and loomed tall over the surrounding buildings.  Heading to the top, although a challenge for a few, was never in question.  It provided magnificent panoramic views of the city from a height of 450m and allowed the boys to appreciate its truly breathtaking scale.

The adventure continues with a trip to Hiroshima on the Bullet Train.......

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