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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Two day route set

As if my body wasn't suffering enough...The last two days have been spent route setting at a local school wall and the muscles that weren't aching are very much so now!  Richy Reed and myself had taken on the task of stripping and resetting nine lines.  Each line was to have 3 easy routes up to a grade of 6a.  As well as this we wanted to make an impact by moving the large molded volumes which had not been moved since the wall was built 5 years ago.  The idea being to make the nine lines into an area for beginners and for teaching.

Working through lunch today we managed to get most of the routes set and the lines that were left with only two routes done were down to the colour of the holds available to us and not our lack of commitment.

Turning one of the large volumes into a diagonal position reviled  a strange image of what looks like an ancient Bishop and one which looks like a human lung...See what you think in the photos below but we have now named the routes The Bishops Head and The Lung lol.

Thanks to Richy for the hard graft as usual...I appreciate it mate :-)

The wall after the strip but before the volumes have been moved

 Like candy in a sweetie shop
The Bishop

The head grafter
Hard at it

The completed lines

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